I'm Late to the Game

Ever have so much going on, something gets lost along the way? That is me today. Hanna Stamps will be releasing more of the Riley Moose line along with his female friend Sophie G on Friday. This is a quick peek at Riley camping. Most of the stamps are from Hanna Stamps, but the bear and the sleeping bag are from Stampin' Up's set, Happy Camper. Don't worry, Riley escapes unharmed, there will be no future cards from me with Riley being eaten by the bear. Well, maybe I should not make nay promises I can't keep, but my mood today is pretty good, so Riley is safe for now.

The paper for this card (also used a few posts ago) is from Scenic Route. I like how it lends a nature type fel to the outdoorsy cards. I wish I had more of it, but I only picked up one piece of it.

The news from our house today is that Seth decided to eat breakfast. This child never wants breakfast. Today he wanted some cereal so I fixed it for him and he sat down to eat. As he ate, the dog decided to go to the back door (in Plain view of Seth) and barf up her breakfast. Seth ran from the table to the bathroom vomiting, too. I was the only adult home so I had plenty to clean up this morning, in addition to my usual duties. Let's hope everyone's stomachs settle and that they are done for the day.


a very tired mommy said...

oh, my! i'm sorry that you had to clean up puke... no one wants to do that!

Auntie said...

If I had been there, I prob would have thrown up too...good thing I wasn't there!

LOVE LOVE the card! CUTE!

Kerry said...

Super Cute card! Can't wait to get my new Rileys!