Indiana is Affecting My Brain

The weather today absolutely stinks. Yesterday I awoke to spring like eather, it was sunny and 60 degrees and felt like spring might finally be on the way. Within hours it turned cold and rainy. Today it is colder and rainy, alternating with freezing rain and hail. It's the kind of day that chills you to your bones. I wish I could just stay inside, curl up, drink tea...
I tried to go out an run some erands but it is so lousy out I quickly lost my vigor. So what if we have no bread in the house? I can always borrow some for Seth's lunch tomorrow. I am lucky to have a variety of neighbors I can call and borrow food from, so I don't have to call the same people each time.
For my card I made Hanna in the rain, from Hanna Stamps and the Rainy day set. It is an adorable set, even if the weather in real life is miserable. I want to go to bed and wake up to better weather tomorrow.


Jill said...

How adorable! I LOVE the plaid raincoat--wish I had one like that!

Tex said...

What a terrific rainy day card! I just love the plaid ... and that ducky!

a very tired mommy said...

i love what you do with the stamps, girlie!

i am so hating this weather, too. will be so happy when it's nice out again. in six mos we'll be grumpy about the heat.... ;)

Summerthyme Studio said...

Judy, your card is Beautiful!!!! I LOVE your creative ideas!!! You HAVE to come to VICTOPIA and share!!!!!