Easter Wishes

Last night as the Easter Bunny got ready to put the Easter baskets in their usual spot I told the Easter Bunny "Noah gets the blue basket." Not liking that, the Easter Bunny gave Seth the blue basket. Seth cried at the table this morning when he saw his basket because his brother Noah "got all the good candy." I had a little chat with the bunny who said, yes, of course he had heard me, but it didn't make any sense to him so he did not follow my instructions. (WTF?!)

You see, Noah's favorite color is yellow, so we always give him the yellow basket, the yellow plate at a restaurant, etc... Seth by default usually gets blue as his color. Wal Mart had only a few colors in cheap plastic baskets this year, and yellow was not a choice. Pink and purple were choices, but Noah hates those colors as he thinks they are for girls.

So, if any men read this blog, do what your wife tells you. Or Else. Does he not realize how much shopping and planning there is to ensure that each child has an equal amount of items that they like even though they have taste that differs from their siblings? I tried really hard to make sure there would be no tears at the table Easter Morning and the result is if you want something done right, do it yourself.
The card on the top is a CASE from Beth Silaika on the Hanna Stamps Design Team. Sorry that my handwriting isn't better or it would be a prettier card. The paper is from DCWV. The card below is made with paper from Scenic Route and both cards have stamps from the Hanna Stamps set Spring Time.
I hope you all had a restful easter without tears.


Iscrap said...

The cards are wonderful and too cute! :) Love the top sentiment..hehe.

I totally know what you mean about being equal, I've never had a fit up to this point..but I am VERY calculating. You're right, men don't know the details of it, since we're usually the shoppers for these types of eventS! :D

Auntie said...

Cards are cute and I could read the writing just fine!

Kristi said...

My butt hurts...Bwaaahaaaaaa