Lack of Mojo

You know how it is, some days the desire to create is great but the end product shows you really weren't at the top of the talent game today. I made this little Riley Moose for myself, just because I liked him, so maybe it doesn't matter that he is not the finest work of art. he is still adorable.

Hanna Stamps has new Moose available so be sure to go check out the collection of Summer Riley's and his friend Sophie G. I love them all.

My hubby is not coming home any time soon tonight so I am taking the boys out to eat and to school for Young Author Night. All the classrooms have their kids write books and they go on display at school for one night. A couple of the grade levels will be presenting a school concert and there is a Book fair, too. The book fair is the highlight of the night. The kids want to see how much money they can get me to spend. Too bad for them. I'll buy them each one book, but I am a true believer in the public library system. As for myself? There's nothing I like better than to be surrounded by a big pile of books. My kids inherited that from me, what can I say?

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Auntie said...

the card is cute as a button! i didn;t see u 2nite...i was there