Friday Fanatics

I made this for the Anthony Challenge on the Hanna Forum at Splitcoast. I paper pieced Hanna's dress. Paper by Cloud 9 Designs This is again the Bookworm set, paper by Daisy D's.

The kids are crazy today. I get a small reprieve in that I only have 6 children coming to spend the night tonight. They will be here with 2 adults. I like those odds better than 8 children. Mostly we will be a bed and breakfast for them, so I am in a amd dash to get loads of laundry done so I can do theirs, and make sure all the bed linens are clean. I have to make the pull out couch into a bad, which means I have to find those sheets, too.

The basement legos need picked up which is a lot of the chaos in the basement. The kids are not helpful, but are instead running around like chickens without heads and their friends have already been in and out of the house today. I put the friends to work, too, which may have contributed to their going out part.

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Shelly said...

Anthony and Hanna make a stunning couple!