I am a Cranky Old Lady

First card up today is a CASE straight from the Papertey Ink web site by Nicole. I thought the mailbox set was adorable, but I haven't found the right use for it yet, so I stole an idea from the master of Papertrey. I have to think Nicole does not care how much we all case her out her in blog land, as long as we but from her, she is happy with whatever we make.
But my real love today is the Garden Hanna. I can't get enough of her. Through some masking I made her corn grow in a pot. In real life your corn won't do well like this, so don't try this at home, folks! The paper is from a Daisy D's pack and some Bazzill is in there, too. I used Gingham Ribbom and the SU oval punches and dew drops. See the crocs she has on? Too much fun, I tell you!
Today I say goodbye to my neighbor's dog, Molly. These neighbors have lived here in a rented house for about 9 months, but Indiana was too cold for them this winter and they are moving back to Alabama. The dad was able to get a job transfer "home". They have 4 bulldogs and 4 kids. I did like the dogs. This one in particular I would see a lot of. I walk through the back yard to go to the neighborhood pool and little Molly would come over and pull her chain as far as it would go so she could get a little love from us. She smells funny and grunts a bit, but loved to get tummy rubs when we came by. I am a dog person, so generally any friendly dog is the kind for me.

I made my fourth trip to the library in the six days that school has been out. You would think the kids would read enough not to cause trouble, but they are fighting about something all the time, from TV channels to where to lay around and read. And the library? It had a field trip from a local pre school going on. It was LOUD! It was one of those times that remind me I am old, as I apparently really like the quietness of the library and truly missed it today. If I wanted to listed to screaming kids, I would have just stayed home with my own.


a very tired mommy said...

love all the new cards. you have a wicked good sense of humor. i love it.

and the older i get, the crankier and more unfriendly i get. at the rete i'm going, by the time my kids graduate high school, i will be the crankiest and most unfriendly person i know....

Auntie said...

Cute cards and stories! Hey, just in case you missed it, Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program going read books (from the library or where ever) and you note them down...the kids get a free book at the end....FREE is good!

Debby said...

Your cards are lovely and I feel ya about the dogs. I have a hard time with it myself and I love them all, I can't seem to help it.

Summer reading program is good. I convince my dd to do it every year to keep her brain from turning to mush.

You know I think all that we Moms have to do cranky is an entitlement. Go with the flow baby!

Kristi said...

ohhh I know I love dogs too. I am sooo sorry that they are heading can come over to my house to play with my dogs...:))))