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This is a middle opening card made for Hanna Stamps Release Week. Can you believe it is that time again? Hanna Stamps has several sets becoming available after the release party Thursday night on the SplitCoast Stampers Hanna forum. Today's sneak peek is from the set coming up called "Patio". I stamped the background with stamps from the set, but now wish I had added the little gnome to the card in a more prominent way. Hindsight is 20/20, eh? I love this set and I love the gnome. I will be posting sneak peeks all week, so check in.

We had an odd weekend around my neighborhood with neighbor kids all being mad at each other for various alleged reasons. One kid decides he doesn't like so and so and then so and so gets mad at another kid, and they all seperated from each other and aren't playing right now.

I realize things won't be perfect 100% of the time and the kids have to learn not to always say what is on their mind, like "so and so said this" or "so and so doesn't like you". I sent Noah to a neighbor's house to apologize and the mom answered the door and before he could get a word out she yelled at/scolded him and he came home crying and angry. I wanted to go punch her in the face. But, I took the high road and am trying to ignore it and entertain the kids so that they are occupied and not lonely without playmates. It is deathly quiet on the street today.

On a happy note, we stocked up on books at the library and I had Taco Bell for lunch. Mmmmmm Gooood!


crazed lunatic said...

can't wait until school is in so that can be MY TACO BELL date! :)

sorry to hear that kids are less than kind.... ya want me to practice my sweet skills on them?

am earning my new title of "crazed lunatic". hehe

Janette said...

really nice job Judy! terrific coloring

Hi said...

Can you do a dinner some night? With or without kids I am game!