A Saturday to Sleep In

We had a rockin' good time at the Hanna Stamps Party on Splitcoast last night. Who would have guessed that trying to post and keep up with conversations on the computer would be such hard work?! Above is a card I made for the challenge to use stars on your card. I chose the "Patriotic" set from hanna and used the grill for a 4th of July card.

I also used one of the new Riley moose stamps. I chose the football stamp and cut out the little guy. The card looked great in person, it wasn't until I took the photo that I saw all the fingerprints.
I had a great idea to make some shirts for myself and the boys with the new Riley stamps. I asked Seth which stamp he liked the most and, like the rest of us, he loves them all! Of course, as we were all madly uploading last night, Design Team genius Niki had her shirts for her boys already made. Dangnabit!
I am learning summer is no time to try to keep up with blogging. Sorry for the delay in posts but the boys have me running ragged. seth has day camp this week, so maybe I will get a small break from the sibling fights and be able to update regularly.


Auntie said...

I had to look HARD for the fingerprints! You wouldn't know they were fingerprints unless you pointed them out...which you did so I had to find them like a game.

Corie said...

Ahhhh -- these are adorable!!

Shelly said...

Judy, these are fabulous!!!!

a very tired mommy said...

love the new cards.... can't wait to see what you do with the shirts! :)