It's A New Hanna Day

If you made it to the release party for Hanna Stamps, you know how much fun it was. I was inspired by the party atmosphere to make the card seen above. I used Hanna from one of the dog sets ans put the leash around Mikey instead. Hanna is stading on the table from the Bookworm set and wearing the lampshade from that set as well. Those of you who know me know that I can whip out a card in about five minutes flat if I am inspired and all supplies are at hand.

I suppose that is why I get annoyed every month at Stamp Camp. We make four cards and it takes two hours. People, please! Get a move on!

I made this card as my entry in the Hanna Stamps Challenge for today. The idea was to make a card with circles. I used the accessories from the newly released Anthony set. Sadly, I have no one to actually give this card to for Father's Day. My hubby and dad and FIL all have casual type jobs they don't dress up for. None of us are the fancy type, I guess. The background paper is from Stampin Up as are the punches I used with my Hanna Stamps.
The kids and I are of to my friend Maria's today. Eight children are gathering (mine included) and they are making Garden Stones for Father's Day. All the supplies are in my van so I have to bust a move and not be late.


Shelly said...

OK Judy, this is over the top twisted and just too clever!

Auntie said...

Hanna and the leash has to be one of my all time favorites! I laughed out loud!