Random Thursday

So as not to bore you with too much card stuff today, I present a picture of my little cutie, Seth. He recently dropped out of Irish Dance class with just a couple of lessons to go. There were 12 girls in the class and 2 boys and he felt a bit out of place. He liked the other boy in the class but said recently, "When we dance in pairs, I never get to dance with him!"
I made a pack of cards for our school librarian out of the new Hanna Stamps set, Bookworm. This may get some bling or metal added, but all the cards are actually cute in real life. For this one I used some random scrap paper, so please don't ask what it is, I haven't a clue.
The paper here is from an Autimn Leaves' adhesive paper pack.
And here we have some paper from a daisy D's pack. I loved stamping extra books and piling them beside the chair? Why? It's the way we live around here, I am always picking up books and trying to reunite them either with their rightful owner or put them in their place.

Tomorrow I am hosting children overnight from the India Children's Choir that is performing at our church. Last I heard I had 8 children coming. I called today to check in and am hoping some of the children found other hospitality for the night. Otherwise we are breaking out the sleeping bags. I can comfortably sleep five extra in my house. Any more than that and we have to use the floor or couches.


a very tired mommy said...

holy children, batman!

Kristi said...

Love his cute little face...Love the cards too...:)))

Auntie said...

Sorry to hear that the dancing didn't work out....I had planned on going and seeing him on Broadway with you after he graduated from a fancy school in NY but he just shattered my dreams of his life...which I had planned out nicely in my head. I will go and see if I can pin my dreams on one of the Byers kids....