Hanna Has It All Figured Out

Today is the first day of Hell....., I mean Summer Break. I was up doing laundry, doing dishes, and scrubbing bathrooms way too early this morning. Then I took the kids to our local casino to play for a while. casino? Well, actually, children's arcade place. Where you can make your husband's hard earned money disappear in a matter of mintes and it reappears in the form of cheaply made Chinese toys from plastic that will never biodegrade.

Then I took the happy campers to two different fast food restaurants for lunch. Why two? You see, I try not to be an over indulgent mother, but I have a child that for years has refused to eat any fast food from anywhere except Burger King. And the rest of us are so full of it that we never want to eat there again. And since Mr. Picky Eater is has a handicapping diagnosis (Asperger's Syndrome) we do feed him that garbage more than we would like. But we also like for him not to starve to death.

I came home to my younger child crying because I would not take him to the pool. I am laeving in minutes to go get my hair cut and my husband is coming to keep the kids alive while I am gone. Since I have not yet found a way to clone myself, getting my hair cut for summer wins over my 32nd trip to the neighborhood pool this week.

See Hanna, above? I love her. She is sitting there in her purple chair like royalty, having a nice hot drink and dreaming of pastries. I made the background paper by myself. It's how I live, dreaming of pastries floating all wround me while I am all alone in a nice quite cafe somehwhere without my yard monkeys surrounding me. Hanna has it going on, doesn't she? She will be released at the Hanna Stamps Release Party on SplitCoast Stampers on Thursday night. Come join us for the fun and the chance to win prizes.


a very tired mommy said... you're funny. and i'm so proud to call you one of my good friends. :)

keep hanging in there... only about two months to go! ;)

Auntie said...

Funny stories about the kids....

love the card..wish I was sitting there next to her relaxing

Kristi said...

BWAAAHAAA OMG you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can hear hanna now.....I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!...I think we need to get your kids with hanna and let them run and play until they pass out!!!!!!!!! Bring 'em up and let the Summer begin.........
Hey no really...Bring your kids up and we can stamp and they can kill them selfselves like we did in our youth!!! OK not really kill themselves...but you know what I mean...RUN, JUMP, ice when are you guys coming up????????
HAIR CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I LOVE your Hanna...I too dream of that pastries stuff....
We'll eat pon pons on the decj whiles the kids water soak eachother!!!!