I Need A Nap

My Stamp Camp SU demo had a camp last night for mothers and kids. Seth and I went and we created three cards each. Above is a photo of one of the cards we made. Seth made one just like it, but I can't show it to you. He signed it right away and set it aside to give to one of his Day Camp leaders.

Our local county has a camp program through the summer and this is Seth's week to go. Noah goes in a couple more weeks. Everyday is a different theme, and although my kids have been going for years, they never get tired of it and eagerly wait for their camp time every year.

Once Seth comes home I usually take the boys to the pool, then have dinner, and feel some relief from being the Program Director/Taxi Driver when Scott comes home. Scott andI stayed up past midnight last night watching episodes of LOST season 1. It is great to see all the early mystery and storylines, but it's not as intriging as it was the first time around. But we are going to watch all the episodes until we are completely caught up. Why? Because I want to, that's why. But I am tired from the late night and want to nap when Seth comes home today. We'll see if I get lucky or not.


Katie said...

Good luck with the nap!

a very tired mommy said...

did you get the nap?? hmmm?? btw... have two monkeys and the crane to add to your toy stash.... you love me, you know you do...