I Have Never...

been so thankful for a little bit of rain in my life. Seth came home from day camp yesterday and before the boys could think about the neighborhood pool, it began to rain. I laid down on the couch and slept about half an hour. I needed it. I slept well last night, too. I love when I can nap and it doesn't affect my sleep at night. Heavenly!
Today's Hanna card is made with hanna and Anthony and a dog from the Small Dogs set. The challenge on the Hanna forum at Splitcoast today is to use masking on your card/item. I dare say that masking is what i was born to do. I love it, and tend to do it quite a bit, so today was not as challenging a day as it could have been.
I am still cleaning the basement storage room and may get around to sorting toys if the kids play outside. My idea of sorting actually has a lot to do with throwing away and boxing up. I can do it with the kids outside easily. if they see anything get sorted, it leads to tears over toys they otherwise had no idea they even owned!


a very tired mommy said...

love the card, masking Queen! :)

so glad to hear that you had a good nap and night's sleep. i, too, slept well last night...which was good considering the imbibing that took place last night.... lol

hope you have a good day, girlie!

Cindy Haffner said...

Super job, i love your masking, I'm masking challenged.

Candice said...

You always do such a wonderful job masking, Judy!! Wonderful card! I am fast becoming addicted to masking - you're gonna have to swing by and give me some tips!!