Crazy Ukranians

Those of you who have been around for a while are aware Scott has an employee from Ukraine. He is nice but he and his wife have over the top hospitality. Can one be too hospitable? Only on occasion, really. We have been invited to their home lately several times and finally consented to go again last night. The invitation was for wine and cheese.
So, we went to dinner and headed over at 7:30. When we got there, they decided to have food, too and the grill was in full roar. I never quite know what the meat is that they serve, but it tasted like chicken. I never ask what it is, partly because I can never get a question into the conversation and partly because it seems so impolite. Any dinner at their home always includes certain things....there will always be black olives, Ukranian mushrooms, pickles, cheese and nuts. Of course, wine, vodka and cognac are always served and expected to be indulged in by the guests.
Not being much of a drinker, I am always pouring whatever is in my glass into the yard or sink when no one is looking. You can say "no", that you don't want any of whatever is being poured, and that "no" you don't want any MORE and "no" you don't want your glass topped off. Mr. Ukraine just keeps pouring. It is exhausting and I always leave wishing for a cold glass of water or some pop. I'll have to get smart and have a small cooler of pop or bottled water in the van so we can have a cold drink on the way home.
And somehow I agreed to lunch at a sushi place on Monday with Mrs. Ukraine. Oh dear.
They are the nicest people ever, but I can only take so much hospitatlity. Mr. Ukraine threw gas on some wood and started a fire so the kids could roast S'Mores. My kids were thrilled but the mosquitos ate me alive. There was no bug spray to be had so Mrs. Ukraine wrapped a blanket around me to try to save what skin I had left. So I sat in humid 85 degree heat near a roaring fire, wrapped in a blanket.
The card above has images from Stampotique and paper from Basic Grey.


crazed lunatic said...

and you're up at 5 in the morning, why??

thursday or friday would work for me for lunch.... seems i'm miss social butterfly lately! LOL

Auntie said...

Let's work towards Thursday for lunch! I will ask for an extra 15 minutes to make sure I can get where we need to be!

When I read

So I sat in humid 85 degree heat near a roaring fire, wrapped in a blanket.

I pictured you and had to laugh...then I felt bad...knowing how you wouldn't want to hurt feelings...but sure wish I could have seen the look on your face!

Gina said...

Kudos to you for being a good sport! Love the card. I bought a couple of stamps from this line while we were on vacation in Indiana. I love them!

Rachel said...

I'm (half) Ukrainian, welcome to my life. Yeah, they're a wonderful but *very* hospitable bunch. Heck I've probably met who you had dinner with (my father was very active in the community). So, were you given something other then champagne? At most family parties here men get the hard stuff, women the softer stuff. Regardless of preference. Just the way of the world.

Besides, look at the bright side. Maybe they'll teach you how to make pysanka.

Michelle Adams said...

They really "killed you" with their kindness, it sounds like. LOL Glad you survived, and love your card! ;0)

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Judy ... I "need" you to return to Texas SOON, darlin'! I so need to consciously take lessons from you on so many levels ... not the least of which is "wire-wrapping"! Can you tell? It's urgent, darlin'!!