The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area

Well, that's what they call it, folks. At least that is what I was told, and it wouldn't be the first time a tourist was lead astray about something local. We went to Booger Red's in Fort Worth for lunch and I had a very delicious Chili Cheeseburger. Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good!
This was the place across the street from Booger red's. I just liked the looks of it. And the fun part of downtown Fort Worth?
They have a cattle drive right down the middle of the street! Everyday at 11:30 and 4 Pm the cows come in to market. You don't even want to know how bad I wanted to be in front of the herd and pretend I was running with the bulls in Fort Worth. Too bad they have enough secuurity to catch me in the act. And I really wanted to craft with my friends, not hope one of them would bail me out of jail.

The funniest part? It's all for show. One of the cowboys said later that he and the other cowboys work for the city and manage the herd of cows that the city owns. They bring them in to the old market twice a day, just for the tourists to come and take photos. It made me wish I had a better camera though, and that I had nudged other people out of the prime photo taking spots.

There were plenty of women from the Hanna Design Team to post photos of, but I prefer to show you our support staff who made it all possible, the wonderful Ron. He is smart and funny, and ready to take photos of us with our cameras (as he is doing here). He cooked for us, and drove us all around the area. He is married to my friend Bev, and she said she was going to be very good to him afetr we left. I hope so. He is a great catch. Maybe I can be his trophy wife next time around?

I had a great time but never made a card the whole trip. I learned new techniques and spent my crafting time with Bev's huge assortment of copics. I have plenty of colored images to use in my crating right now, so once the kids are in school next week, I'll be very busy.


Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing, looks like a good time!

Auntie said...

I hope you will also be BUSY having LUNCH with your friend!

Savor the Journey * Tex said...

What a fun photo line-up of our Ft. Worth day! I didn't realize the cowboys are City employees!