Yesterdays' challenge at SplitCoast Stampers was to add jewels or bling to your creations. I made these over the weekend in Dallas and had to post them for the challenge as I thought they were the perfect fit. The stamps are from an old Stampin Up set called "Botanicals."I used Glossy Accents to adhere Fragments and then added jewels to them so they couldbe worn as necklace pendants.

This is the time of year when I get my panties in a twist about school issues. First came the information that our local elementary school will have 25 3rd graders in each class and the 4th grade classes will each have 26. Not earth shattering for everyone, I know, but for our district that is very high. I called the Administrative Office and of course got the run around. I realize it is late to change anything for this year, but maybe in the future they will realize angry parents will hunt them down and confront them. I started to wonder if I should call school board members as their phone numbers are listed on every mailing I get from the school district.

Another elem school in our district has 18 kids per class and I am simply tired of living in the crowded area of a school that continually functions over their capacity.

Then last night we had Meet theTeacher night at the Intermediate School and Noah was in a different class grouping than I thought he would be in. Noah's 5th Grade teacher had a special ed background and had a lot of the special ed kids in his class. Noah had his best year ever at school, socially and behavior wise. His teacher moved on to 6th Grade this year and I was pretty much assured in the spring that Noah would have this teacher in his class grouping. Not so.

Noah has no teachers with special ed backgrounds and his Homeroom teacher is visibly pregnant. This means she will probably be absent a bit. (Changes like this are hard for Noah and lots of kids on the Autism Spectrum. Substitute teacher days are hard on him. I also think that when his teacher goes on maternity leave the school willl hire some new graduate at base pay and stick her into a classroom with a high concentration of special ed kids. I am so angry it is unbelieveable. And again, not much can be done except for me to calm down and pray for an attitude change on my part.

On Meet the Teacher night everyone goes to the gym to find their kids' name on a class list and then you go find the room and teacher (s). The school counselor saw me and the look on my face and immediately broke away from the conversation he was involved in to come and tell me how sorry he was that the scheduling did not work out for Noah to have his former teacher again. I wanted to tell him "If Noah has a bad year this year, deal with it yourself and don't call me beause I am not coming."

I hope Noah will do fine at school and accept all the new teachers he has. Another kick in the butt is that the kid who is Noah's bully on the bus is now in his class. We drive Noah back and forth to school in order to avoid this child, and now they are stuck together all day in their classes.

Today I am bitter and need to find something fun to do with the kids before I completely lose my mind due to issues that I cannot change. I need the peace of a loving God to sweep through my soul like a river today.


Katie said...

Wishing you all the peace in the world! Although save a little for me as I'm still dealing with school issues as well.

Pam/Iris said...

Your pendants turned out beautiful Judy, love them!

I hope everything turns out for the best for your son this year, hang in there!

Auntie said...

I am so sorry to hear about the school issues. My heart actually hurt when I read what is happening with Noah, especially the bully part. This brings the bully out in me to want to protect those who are being bullied!

Hope to see you soon. Hang in there and pray for a good year.

Kristi said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry about the school issues.....I love your pendants though, and have a huge surprise for the kids...heeheee oh and you too....Hanna and I went to a science museum and we got you and kids something...I hope it helps...PS, dont get mad at me when you see it...BWAAAHAAA :)) Please know I am here for you..All my love, your friend, Kristi!!