Mystery Visitor

Before I tell you about strange doings at my house, I'll show the creation of the day, Riley Moose from Hanna Stamps, made for the daily SCS challenge. Today was a sketch challenge. I, and everyone else apparently love the sketch challenge as the layout is made for you, and you just use what you like. Today we were to make a square card with a circular image. I used nestabilities and paper from a long retired SU pack.
I had a visitor at my home yesterday. A nicely dressed lady came to see me. She does investigative and mitigation work, hired by an attorney's office in Indianapolis. She had an old Child Protection file from my days there (okay, 11 years) and wanted to know what I could remember about a certain case. Interestingly enough, I had been assigned the case 15 years ago exactly. I mean, to the day!
I could not remember a bit about the case, but it was my handwriting, so I have no problem acknowledging it was a family I worked with. Turns out the boy in the case who was 13 at the time was arrested and charged in 2006 with the killing (execution really) of 7 members of one family. He had been in prison two times before this arrest. For our area this is an extremely high profile case and the alleged killers (there are 2 charged) will be lucky to avoid the death penalty. All the times I heard the news or read the paper, the name never rang a bell.
The lady is working on behalf of the defense and said it was not easy to find me. I don't think I'll be called to testify in court, as I don't remember a thing. I must have seen about 350-400 families that year due to high caseloads. I do enjoy testifying in court however, it is a cat and mouse game and I actually sort of enjoy it. That said, I have never had to testify at a murder trial either. I was in Child Protection for a long enough time that it never is completely away from me, I still have friends working in the system in various counties. But I was surprised to be tracked down.


crazed lunatic said...

holy cow, girlie! it would stand to reason that some of the kids you worked with would come into crazy situations, given the line of work. but craziness that it would come to see you fifteen years later!

and a beautiful card! :)

Auntie said...

WOW! That is amazing that she found you from so long ago.

Cute card!

Sorry about not seeing your email sooner yesterday!! It was a crazy day and I didn't get but a quick luck! So I guess I missed out! Could we pre-schedule something for next week? Monday, I know is out but what about the other days?

Gina said...

Cute cards. I love those color choices!

Kristi said...

Ok I almost fell of my chair when I read this....WOW, you dont remember this kid at??? MAN.....
oh nice too...:)