Sketch Wednesday

This is the sketch over on SCS that we were to use today. I dolled it up the best I could. The paper is from Stampin Up in years past and the image is Riley Moose from Hanna Stamps. I used the SU set Short and Sweet for the Thank You message.

This past Sunday at church was Education Sunday. Children entering Third Grade got Bibles. Seth was very happy.

Children entering Sixth Grade got United Methodist Hymnals. That left us with a big "huh?" moment. While we appreciate the recognition that our children are growing up, we just are not that musical. I love the quiet of church and the sermon. I appreciate the time for prayer in the quiet of the sanctuary as prayers at home are often in noise for some reason. But I have to confesss, church music rarely moves me. It's just me. I accept that. Maybe because I was raised by non musical atheist parents. There are a few hymns I love, the rest are just filler to me.

As we left the sanctuary our very handsome organist came over to Noah and talked to him about his love for music, what it's done in his life, etc....He encouraged Noah to bring his hymnal to church and make notes in it and follow the songs and write about what he liked and why he liked it. Clearly, this was a man for whom receiving a hymnal would have been a life changing experience. I am hoping Noah will enjoy having his own hymnal and I am not saying a word about how not excited I am.

We had Meet the Teacher night at school yesterday and the teachers explained that if an assignment is turned in late that the child gets 55%, which is an F. Later they talked about the homework hotline and said that they occasionally forget to leave a message on it explaining something like "We are all very busy and sometimes run out the door after school and we just don't get to it." Let me get this straight, if my kid forgets his homework on the table at home he gets an F but if they forget to do part of their job, well, they have important lives after all. Scott said later he definitely misses the days of elementary school when the teachers are nice and sweet and friendly. I appreciate teaching children responsibility, but I expect adults to accept it as well.

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Katie said...

And seriously this is grade school homework we are talking about. It's not the end of the world if they forget once and awhile and they definitely do not deserve a F.

Funny the only thing I am missing about Maryland at the moment is the school.

And are your children taking the ISTEP 3 times this year?!?!?! OMG, I know Zach is and I'm so shocked, I don't know even what to say.