My Loves

Noah turned 12 years old on the 26th. We had Meet the Teacher Night at school so he got his presents, but we ran out of time and eventually forgot his cake and ice cream. He always asks for my chocolate cake. It's really from Hershey's and is on the back of their cocoa.
There is a landscaping company across the street from us and every year they have a Customer Appreciation party. We buy mulch from them every year, so we always get an invitation. They have fun things like a bounce house, a petting zoo, a steel drum band, landscape sales, and games for the kids. for me the best part is their cook out. They serve hot dogs and bratwurst. It is the only time of the year I eat a brat and I LOVE it! There is nothing better than grilled meat, and I love a brat with some mustard.

I even remember my first brat. I thought it was that good. I was a junior at college and my friend Paul had a cook out. He made brats and was astonished I had never had one before. I immediately fell in love. He is from Minnesota and made it sund like perhaps bratwurst was the national food of Minnesota (or whatever the term would be for a state, it wouldn't be national, but you knoww hat I am trying to say.)

I saw these little delicacies at the grocery and had to get them. they are called Pluots or Pluiots. I think they must be across between a plum and an apricot. They are soft like a plum but have funny multishaded spots all over them. They just called to me. They taste like a plum. Good. Plain. Not exciting. But they are stunningly beautiful in real life.

I had lunch with friends today and had a fun time. We went to a fancy sandwich shop and it had outdoor seating. I was afraid someone would suggest eating outdoors, but I got lucky and no one did. My hair is just long enough to end up in my mouth if the wind is blowing.

I did make a craft today. Maybe I'll post that pic tomorrow.


crazed lunatic said...

thanks for lunch! I wasn't gone too long, as I went to Sam's for supplies afterward. I do feel bad that Rebecca had to lie to be able to meet us! :(

Kristi said...

I call those Dinosaurs eggs....

Auntie said...

I have never had a Pluots or Pluiots....but I am always willing to try new fruit. I love fruit. Sometimes, like foreign foods, it is hard for me to try...but fruit is always easier!

Hope you are having a good weekend. We all have headaches here today! It is a total bum!

Africakid said...

If you ever come to Germany, I'll treat you to a whole cartload of bratwurst! They have so many varieties.

Also, those pluots really are beautiful. A work of art in themselves.

Very cute pic of Noah!