The first day of school is here and that means no sleeping in for my weary bones. I started the morning off right by making a card for the Sketch Challenge at SCS. I used Hanna from last Christmas and added a quote from River City Rubber Works. I gotta get those Hannas out there for everyoen to see! I forget where the snowflake paper came from, it was a scrap I had laying around. The sketch was three layers with minimal embellishments. Easy to do.

Noah was first up and out the door today. scott made cinnamon rolls from one of those cans you whack open. Noah ate the entire pan of them. You can't say we didn't start him out with breakfast! He chose to wear the DARE shirt he got last year. Local law enforcement came to school and talked about the merits of being drug free and at the end of the "course" the kids graduated and signed the t shirts they each got. I guess he wants his 6th Grade teacher to know he is drug free. Good Thinking, in case there were any concerns otherwise.

Since we drive Noah to and from school, there aren't any bus stop line up photos of him. But poor Seth is captured on about 8 neighborhood cameras this morning and even some videotapes. This is our neighbor girl Andi next to him. She is cute as can be, but born to be the boss of a Fortune 500 company.

I have a couple hours before I have to head out for my the appointment with Kevin, my hair guy. Maybe I'll pick up around the house. Or maybe not.


crazed lunatic said...

holy sh!t! The entire pan?? hilarious!! may mercy rest upon his teacher's soul as he flies around the room on his sugar high! ROFLOL!!

Enjoy your day, cutie! :)

Kristi said...

Haaahaahaaa OMG in about 2 hours he'll be draggin'........So were all the mom'shigh fiving everyone????BWAAHAAAAA Kids back to school YIPPPPY....oh for their education of coarse..:)

Simon said...

I just love Hanna Stamps! SUCH A CUTE CARD! You make them come to life!