Ah, The Lazy Days of Summer

The temprature is about 12 degrees farenheit right now and the windchill is minus 20. Someone remind me why I live here? I never wanted to. And as an adult I find myself trapped. It is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. And far too Republican year 'round. So, today I find myself harkening back to simpler times, the simpler times of summer vacation. When Noah wouldn't put the newest Harry Potter book down, despite the fact we were at the beach.
And Seth would not tell people his real name. People would ask and he would say "Chicken Bob." People would ask again and question him and he would just say "Bob." When we asked him about why he wouldn't talk to the other kids on the beach and was making up this crazy name he told us that you should not tell strangers your name.

I suppose all moms fell this way, but see his sweet little chest? When he was younger and naming body parts he couldn't say 'nipple' he would say "nibble." We always teased him that he had such cute little nibbles. Now, with Hannah Montana being the woman in his life we call them his Sweet Niblets.

As an update to yesterday's post, we in no way condone the washing of animals with human shampoo. We do own the appropriate canine shampoo. Our dog appears not to have suffered the ill effects of itchy/dry/oily/irritated skin from the experience. We doubt that Noah will continue to shower with the dog in the future. One good watery shake off from the dog that lands droplets of cold wet water in your face as you are drying off is enough to remind you that your dog didnt relish the experience.


Auntie said...

Sweet Niblets! Did Seth get to see his love on the big screen?

Auntie said...

Okay...if no school tomorrow and painting on Wednesday then how about lunch on Thursday? If school tomorrow and painting tomorrow then how about lunch on Wednesday? If neither of those dates work then Friday it is! LOL!! Just let me know for sure...tomorrow morning I will have Maggie duty until noon then will be off for my interview at 1 pm. If I am offered the job, I hope to start next Monday so that I can get my last week of lunches with my friends in...hahahaha

Auntie said...

Maggie doing SO MUCH BETTER! I am sure she will be going to school tomorrow! I hope you are better soon too! I have (2nd interview) tomorrow at 2 so could do lunch prior or on Friday I could do after my interview (2nd interview), which is scheduled at 9:30! SO GET WELL SOON!