Hanna in the Spring

This is a new Hanna from a set that will be released Friday Feb 22 from Hanna Stamps. In this set hanna is ready for Spring. I added the little sheep stamp from the accessories that come with Hanna. I thought it would be no problem to hust cut around Hanna's arm with a little craft/Xacto knife and put the sheep under her arm. I ended up mutilating poor Hannas arm and decided to try something different. I stamped another partial image of Hanna, colored in and cut out her arm. I put the sheep on the full image of Hanna and added the arm over the top. This way worked out to be so much easier tha n cutting my main image.
Maybe that is what I love about crafting. There is no right or wrong way to do something. You just do whatever works best for you. The paper is from die Cuts With A View. I love that it is one sheet of paper with the bling already added onto the paper. I am a girl who loves her bling!
On the home front, the boys are out of school for the day. theyw ere out Friday, too, thus giving a four day weekend. I suppose it is great if you have somewhere to go, to have a little winter break. But most of us are just sitting at home for a four day weekend with the kids. It's a bit cold for them to play outside. We are going to Disney World for Spring Break, so the kids know something fun is coming their way. We thought about going to an indoor water park this weekend, like Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati, but the rates doubled for President's Day weekend and I refuse to bow down to high priced corporations and participate in their terrorism against the clientele.
I finally started to feel better on Saturday. Saturday! I have heard of people who have food pisoning and never fully recover and began to think it might happen to me, but I feel much better, and promise to keep up woth my blogging from now on.

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Auntie said...

Thank goodness! I was SO missing you! I am glad you are feeling better!