Cold February

The first of February and the kids are out of school for the day. It's a Staff Development Day. Seriously? I would think they are developed enough by now. See my dog? before we got her, I knew she was at least part Australian Cattle Dog and prone to follow you around the house, not just lay around like a regular ol' lazy dog. (Oh darn,I don't know why my writing just changed colors nor do I know what to do about it. Hope you like it...'cuz you'll be livin' with it.)

Anyhow, back to the dog. Kadi is her name. She follows me around all day long throughout my waking hours. If I cook at the stove? She is between me and the stove. If I move to the sink, she does, too. I have stepped on her (unintentionally) so many times, you'd think she'd wise up and move away. No. This is a picture of her laying on my foot while I sit at my craft desk. She always lays at/on my feet in this position, her head is always to my left. I don't know why. I love my dog, I really, do, but so much closeness is not really needed. There is no other dog here for me to pet.

This is a picture of some beads I made recently. I need to note that black and white beads don't photograph so well on white. Below is what the beads look like when on the mandrels, and above is the photo of what they look like once clean and ready for use. I tried to put them in the correct viewing order, but my skills failed me. I'd like to be able to blame the computer, but I am willing to accept some blame.
This is my project for the day:
When we moved into this house I made two quilts for Noah's bunkbeads. One is in horrible disarray, despite my changing them up a bit. I am going to sew the fabric pieces together again. Only this time I have to do it by hand. I sewed a bit up this morning, only to have both of the children walk off with my sewing supplies while I was using them.

I was sitting on the couch sewing so I had a magnet with me. This way instead of just putting down the needle, I could put it on the magnet and it couldn't roll away from me. Seth took the needle, and Noah took the magnet at one point, putting the needle on the floor. Despite my best efforts I am raising idiots. Thank God for the days when they do open school. If it weren't for public education, my kids would have no chance at all. All they would have is a mother who screams all day. Or drinks.

Did you notice how the font changed back to black at some point during this post? I have no clue how that happened either.


a very tired mommy said...

love ya, Judy. And love that you have the courage to say stuff about your kids that we all think but are too afraid to put into words for fear what others might think....

btw...the font change was a hyperlink to another pic of your beads... not sure how it happened, either... :)

and i do love your dog. she's got so much personality.

Auntie said...

I love Kadi. I wish we had a dog. I know Maggie would love to have a dog. When Mollie was a little girl, she played with the dog 24/7. She dressed it up and the dog was so good.

I love the beads. Beautiful. What are mandrels?

I made a homemade braclet for my friend Laurie. I bought the supplies at least 4 years ago and never made it. I got my supplies out last night and finished what I had started. I hope to take a picture of it later and put it on my blog. It isn't like the ones you is very different. It is a Colts bracelet. She loves the Colts.

Auntie said...

I wish I could handmake cousin actually makes his own jewerly...the silver and all. I wouldn't know where to start. I want to find a creative niche for know something to create and make money doing it.