I Need A Nap

Oh boy, it's been one of those days for several days now. I have been busy, busy, and most of it has not been of my own choosing. I did have painting class today. Usually I love to go, but my teacher and I are painting a few matching pieces for a charity auction and the painting is challenging to me rather than fun. So, I went, but I did not have fun. Then I met Scott for lunch like I do every Tuesday. We went to the Indian Buffet again, for lack of any other inspiration. Again. I am a little tired of going there.

I had to eat and run and get Noah from school for a doctor's appointment. He should be happy to get out early, right? Not this child. He has a chance at the end of his day to get homework done and since I picked him up early, he brought homework home with him. He likes the room to be completely quiet (no TV) and for an adult to sit with him and help where needed. He has been whining all afternoon and has been rotten. He went upstairs and decided he was warm so he OPENED ALL THE WINDOWS. Folks, it's really cold outside. Like below freezing and the windchill is even colder. And now it is really cold inside. He was cold and wanted to take a shower, so he took one, WITH THE SHOWER DOOR OPEN.

I am exhausted and want so badly to go to bed and it is only 6:30 at night. My son has Asperger's Syndrome, so he is not exactly normal, but he does have common sense and know the difference between right and wrong. I cannot even tell you how tired to my bones I truly am. Hopefully tomorrow I will hav ethe strength to post a photo or two.


Auntie said...

Sounds like a bad day all around!

I have tried Indian food more than one time and that would have been it for me!! The day would have been ruined!

Maybe tomorrow will be better!...for BOTH OF US!

Heather Leech said...

I can sooo relate with your son! My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, (PDD-NOS, among other labels). He is now 15 and has very few autistic behaviors...we are blessed! But when he was younger...oh my! Take care of yourself and I really hope things get better! Hugs for your son..and you too!
Heather L.

Kristi said...

Know that I am thinking of you...:))
Hey I want to hear more of this auction.....

a very tired mommy said...

((hugs)) so sorry to hear that you had such a tough day. am hoping that today will be better!!