Our Poor Dog

Noah was so proud. He gave the dog a bath! Well, a shower really. Noah was in the shower and he saw the dog, so he grabbed her and pulled her in. He told me later that she was all clean. I asked what he washed her with and he said "The Princess Shampoo." Being the tomboy mother of two sons, I was unaware that we had princess shampoo. Noah said of course we did, it was the stuff in the pink bottle for colored hair, and since Kadi is colorful, he thought it was perfect.

I don't actually know what type of shampoo it is. He is right, it is for colored hair, which mine is. But since it is the only shampoo in the house we all use it. You see, I buy a bottle of shampoo and we use it till its gone, then I buy more shampoo, whatever is cheap and available at Target or WalMart. I read somewhere that the average house has something like 7 different types of shampoo in it. What? Think of all the money you could have for crafting with!


Kate said... need to be careful. First of all, dogs have very sensitive skin and people shampoo isn't good for their skin. It can be very irritating and removes all the essential oils that keep their coat shiny and their skin balanced.

Plus, if you don't rinse out ALL of the shampoo it can actually burn their skin.

So...just watch her for scratching or rubbing or red spots if you part her fur.

Just some advice.

Auntie said...

I sure wish I knew...I threw out so many when I cleaned out my shower...I could have taken all of them and poured them together and given it to you...and you would have thought it was a new spring air, fruit smelling, gee my hair smells funny for colored hair product on the market! tee hee!