Auction Photos

If you come here solely for card making, today is not your day. Kristi asked to see what I am making for this charity auction, so I told her I would post some photos here. The picture above is of a tea set that my friend Maria and I are painting together. I have been going to her house for five years for painting lessons. You would have thought I 'd have learned in five years, right? No. I am a slow learner and not naturally talented in this area. Fruits and flowers are still difficult for me. So, I paint until I get stuck and then she does the finishing touches that help make it look just right.

The photo shows a little cookie tray/dessert plate, a tea bag holder and pie server. We are still working on the matching tea pot. The good news is that after paying for lessons for five years, they are now free for me! I do love that!

This is the photo of the necklace and bracelet and earring set for the auction. The silver is clean and in real life it sparkles, which really sets off the pieces. I use Italian glass (called effetre) that comes in sticks about the width of a pencil. I melt the glass over a specially designed glass torch (I use a Bobcat from Glass Torch Technolgies) and wind the glass into whatever shapes I want. For this set I used black and white as the color scheme as it is likely to be attractive to a large percentage of women and can be worn with pretty much whatever. The necklace is 18 inches.

So far today is a better day. The kids are still at school, and I have snacks to feed the hungry beasts when they come home. I still need to go to the grocery though and see what jumps into my cart for dinner.


a very tired mommy said...

i do love that necklace set! :) and you did well on the paintings, too.... :) you are one awesomely crafty woman, girlie!

glad to hear that today's been a better day. am hoping that tonight will be calmer than last night.


NC said...

Love, love, love the jewelry! I'd love to learn how to work with glass some day.
Glad today is looking up!

Auntie said...

I haven't seen a craft you did, which didn't turn out lovely! Beautiful Job!

Tex said...

You have so many talents, Judy! Everything looks fabulous! Gads ... you even blow torch your own glass for beads?! Oh to be an observer!