Same Stamps, Different Verse

I have no idea why Hanna keeps stealing the farm animals, but that seems to be the theme these days. Today she has the rabbit, yesterday it was the lamb. Bad Hanna! Bad! I promise to shake it up tomorrow and show something different.

I made an apple cake for dessert today. Seth smelled it cooking in the oven and asked what it was. When I told him he bent over, pretended to choke while sticking his fingers in his mouth. I tell ya, I don't know why I try. I would love to stop cooking for these little unthankful beasts. Seth does not like Apple Pie, while Noah loves it. Can't they both agree on anything? And who doesn't like Apple Pie?! Freaks.

Speaking of freaks, my neighbor Joanne just cannot let go of a product called MonaVie. It is made of the acai berry, found in the SubAmazon and is suposed to have tons of fabulous health benefits. While I think the acai berry may very well be a wonder nutrient and fabulously good for you, I do not belive in Mona Vie. It is a product sold through a pyramid scheme. So, Joanne at the bottom sells the product and people higher up also get a portion of the money. It is packaged in a fancy wine like bottle and sells for $35-$50 for a two week supply. It has a blend of juices in it, not only acai but others. You know what? You can just buy the acai berries in a juice or pill for a whole lot less. With Mona Vie you are paying for the pakaging and the pyramid.

Joanne told me about it for the first time and told me she'd only mention it once. Well, she has mentioned it about fifty times now. Each time I politely decline. Now she wants me to have a tasting party in my home and she will also have a powerpoint presentation. I just politely declined again. Seriously, I have asked her to stop with the hard sell and if I hear bout it again, I just might blow. I know that when you are excited about something it is hard to stop talking about it. But, I do not have the disposable income to but overpriced fancy juices and I am tired of being polite.


Auntie said...

I don't blame you for getting upset about the vitamin/drink. Mrs. P purchased a bottle MONTHS ago and still haven't opened it. I wonder if she was pressured into buying it. Those people need to have real jobs in the work world selling...they would do well. I can't be that way. This drink is the top of the food chain right now but in a few months or even years something else will come in and that will be the new thing.

I don't understand the pie freaks...I love pie....

Here are the shows I love to watch and will miss when I go back to work...The Matchmaker, Make Me A Supermodel and Project Runaway. I think I will be employeed any day now...any day.

What is for lunch?

Lane said...

I understand where you are coming from, and I also understand why your neighbor is acting the way she is; because her upline has convinced her that she must act that way to succeed! It is such a shame that people feel they must demean themselves and alienate everyone they care about to succeed. Of course, it doesn't work for most people, and your friend Joanne is suffering right along with you, to be sure.

I have found a MUCH better way to build my business, and it is NOT by harassing all my friends and relatives. Do Joanne (and yourself) a favor, and let her know about something called Attraction Marketing. Instead of her trying to find friends or family who are looking for a new business, there are ways to have those kinds of people find HER.

You can send her the link below(just cut and paste this into an email for her) where she can learn more.

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nb said...

You may not like the Monavie juice or the Monavie business, but Monavie is not a pyramid. Businesses like Lowe's and Wal-mart are pyramids. The greeter will never be the store manager, problably not even a department manager, but in Monavie you can pass up your sponser with hard work. I know, this happened to me. A lady I sponsered went right by us.

a very tired mommy said...

Sorry to hear about the harrassment. But your cards are just luverly! :)