It Feels Like Spring

Yes, spring. Why? Must be the grey rainy weather. Thankfully it is warmer today and the rain is just a bit of sprinkles here and there. I woke up and took some Excedrin and then I was so hopped up on caffeine that I started to clean my house. I even opened the doors to air it out a bit and get some of those yucky germs out. I mopped the kitchen floor, did several loads of laundry, including bed sheets and am looking for dinner recipes.

The Hanna Stamps card above is from the Rainy Day set, which seems perfect for today. The transparency technique might be the death of me though. I had to buy a whole box of transparency sheets, so I will be making these cards till I die, I fear. You know I cannot allow a perfectly good box to go to waste. It must be used. I couldn't get a good picture without the flash on the card, and now I can see fingerprint smudges too. Oh well, life is all about living and learning isn't it? And some lessons get learned the hard way.

As for an update on the kids, they need more supervision than they have been getting. In the beginning it was nice to know kids could play in the basement and I could shut the door and they'd all be happily getting along. Lately the kids are spending too much time on the computer. I am in and out of the basement a lot and have never seen anything inappropriate on the screen. That does not mean that they have not been looking! Yesterday one of the kids (a neighbor girl) said the boys were looking for certain images on the computer. We ran a history and they have been spending a lot of time at (Well, they are 11-12 year old boys). They were actually watching people sink in quicksand and things like that, but they were searching for things we would find inapppropriate for them to see. Thankfully, they did not find anything. The computer is now on lock down and the neighbor kids are not allowed to use it. I gathered the guilty parties and threatened to call their parents, too.

I am thinking of making the kids sign an agreement about behavioral rules in my home and expell or suspend their household entrance based upon their behavior.


a very tired mommy said...

love the new card! did you stamp the rain on the transparency, then?

Hope you are having a good day!

Auntie said...

I have transparency to sell.....sorry I didn't know you wanted some at the time you needed it.

Auntie said...

I am a bad girl.

Jeremy said...

Just thought I'd stop by to see what your blog is all about. Keep in mind 11 - 12 year old boys will find those inappropriate images one way or another. At least you have the opportunity to manage their exposure. Just a question, what happens if your boys get suspended from home?

One more question, where are my cookies?

I have to work this Sunday so I won't be at church. Feel free to talk about me!