Although I have been on facebook for about a year, I finally have time to explore the site. This means I now have more than one friend and cannot stop myself from continually checking in to see what everyone is up to. Also, I check out my friends' pages to see what friends we have in common and occasionally "borrow" their friends so I can have even more friends.

Oh my, what a funtastic time suck this is. I am finding old friends all over the world, though. And I do mean THE WORLD.

I felt very puny Tuesday night and retired to bed early. Perhaps it was that I had homemade granola for breakfast, a snack of grapefruit, then a salad with grilled chicken for lunch. My body was obviously in revolt over the lack of fat added to it, and rather than use the fat I have so amply stored for just such an occasion, it sent me to bed until I could update my daily fat totals. I had some pizza last night and feel much better, thank you.

For those who don't live here, the weather said it was minus 4 this morning. the windchill was minus 29 and the high is expected to be zero. The wetaher report added that this was the coldest day of the year. I love stupid information like that, as the year is only 15 days old.

School started on a 2 hour delay, which oddly, means I only get one extra hour of sleep. I have to drive the morning car pool on delay days as Scott is already at work. Seth was not ahppy about the car pool issue but I bought his silence with a couple pieces of sausage and some OJ from McDonalds. That's right, a good mom has just the right bribe handy when needed.

As for Noah, gambling is all the rage among his fellow 6th grade clasmates as they have taken to playing Texas Hold Em on Indoor Reccess days. We have cards at home, but I have to go get some poker chips so he can get his own game set up. I hope his early gambling skills will help pay for college later.