More of the Same

The challenge today was to use stars on your card. I went crazy. Mostly I make cards for women so once I broke out the stars today I couldn't stop. The image is Motorbike Riley and I put him at an angle like he is Evil Kneivel.
I used the Ahoy Hanna set for the lighthouse on the tile. In real life the ink is really black and not a shiny gray. I colored it in with copics and used a quote from Rubber Stampede. Even though the Release Party is 9 PM, I will have more Hanna creations for you tomorrow. Hanna has a card challenge on Fridays and I am ready!
It is beautifully snowy here today.It is the very light and fluffy stuff and it isn't sticking much. I love days like today. Seth wanted Wendy's for lunch, so I have to make a run to school today. Other thna that it is the same dinner/laundry/dishes/pick up around the house routine.
I had lunch with friends yesterday and my friend Steph said she did not like the Twilight movie, and said of the lead Vampire "He sucks as an actor." I thought she said "He sucks his own nectar." We laughed till we cried. I nearly fell off my chair I laughed so hard. I am sure that belly laugh added years back to our lives.


Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone needs a good laugh like that every day. Cute card.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

I think I just need to eat lunch with Judy and Rebecca every day so we can have that kind of laugh! :)

Summerthyme Studio said...

Love your EVEL Kneival Riley!!!


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