Simple Day

I made this for the challenge on Splitcoast today, make a card as simple as possible for Valentines Day. The idea was to make it posible to replicate the card 20-30 times for a classroom full of kids and to use only the colors Kraft, Black, Brown, and Red. I tried not to add too many embellishments so it would really be do able, and I love it. very simple, yet pretty.

Schools were closed around here today. I really don't get it. I pay great big taxes and expect that the schools can afford to be heated. We are not the rural community we once were, so I really don't envision a bunch of farm kids waiting for bus stops by themselves in the freezing cold. For the most part the buses are fairly new, in good condition and run on time. I really don't want a four day weekend with the kids when it is too cold to send them out to play. School is closed due to the cold weather? I truly just don't understand it.

I delivered a meal to a friend who is having surgery this afternoon and the roads were fine. I even had enough casserole left to feed a neighbor family. I am working on laundry, have made some beds and played with the pets. I don't think the kids will snuggle in for a nap with me (HA!) so I need to go find my next challenge for the day.


Tracey said...

Fabulous card Judy!! I love this Sophie stamp!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Very Very Sweet Judy!!!!

Auntie said...

Very cute card!

crazed lunatic said...

love the card! what was the red/white pattern paper on the bottom?

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