Christmas Revisited

I didn't feel like playing in the Challenge on SplitCoast today and don't have anything new to post. Showing you pictures of the not yet cooked chuck roast in the crock pot didn't feel all that appetizing so I thought I'd post a never before seen in the blogosphere photo from Christmas.
In the days leading up to Christmas Seth wrote a note to Santa Claus that he left under the tree. He asked Santa to prove that he was real by taking a photo on our camera of Rudolph and Clarice. (Clarice is Rudolph's girlfriend if you don't know your North Pole trivia.) Scott took a photo of the outside of our home and used photo shop to make Rudolph and Clarice happen.
The Clarice in the photo is from Build A Bear and lives in Seth's room. On Christmas morning Seth found both the photo on the camera and the printed photo under the tree. Seth had apparently intended to get a photo of the real Clarice, but realized that his stuffed animal Clarice had been used because "Duh...Clarice doesn't deliver Christmas presents." he was satisfied.
I was more than happy with the effort Scott put forth to give Seth a very happy memory. Dads are so cool.
Today finds me wasting time cleaning and picking up. The kids will just get it all out again, but still, I try. Oh how I try.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so blessed to have 2 loving parents. Wouldn't the world be a better place if only some parents would take a little of their time to make memories with their children like you do?
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

so very sweet! :) love that story.

thanks for the lunch date! :)

Auntie said...

That is a really cool story!