Cold and Tired Friday

Today's challenge at SCS was to make a card that is clean and simple. It is easy to do, but hard to say you are finished. The urge to add ribbon to my card, or dew drops, or pop up the quote is strong and hard to resist. Never the less, here is my offering. I used the paertrey Ink det, Out on a Limb.

And yesterday the challenge was to ue alcohol inks. I broke out the Ranger ink and the StazOn and made a bunch of decorated dominoes. Now I have to decide whether to add necklace bails, or make them into pins or magnets. I love how colorful they are. I used a variety of Stampin Up sets that I have carefully collected through the years.
We had another two hour delay to school today. Scott let me sleep in a bit late and he drove the first batch of car pool kids to the Middle/Intermediate School. God love him.
I recently scored some cake from my friend Nana. You know that favorite neighbor kid you had growing up? Where the parents were nice, the cooking was better than your mom's and you always wanted to play at their house? Everything was just better at your friends' house? That's Nana, she is the keeper of the cool kids' house. She cooks, she bakes, she's sweet, she's the mom of your BFF. She saves a piece of cake or lasagna because she knows you love it. Nana is the best. I recently scored a few pieces of nana cake for my family and it was so good I nearly licked the plate clean. I am so glad Nana likes me, she is the best.
We will be going out of town for a baby shower tomorrow and I hope the weather holds for our day trip. For right now I am home about to snuggle in and have some tea.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments, I do wish you could have been a neighborhood friend of Rebecca she would have liked that. I like to cook when I feel like it but the sharing is the best part of it.

The card is just beautiful (simple but to the point.)
Love you,

Katie said...

I love the card!

Let's home this is the last snow day/delay for awhile!

Katie said...

Err, hope, not home. The snow is messing with my brain.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Both of your projects are just gorgeous!!!!