This is one of those days that I dread. School was cancelled. Thankfully I didn't have any big plans for the day, because once the kids are underfoot, any plans for the day go right out the door. The kids woke up as early as usual and were immediately bored upon hearing there would be no school. The roads are covered and Noah especially wants to go to the park to go sledding. Uh, Dude, the roads are barely passable and the park is definitely a last resort as far as snow plows go so I doubt we could even get in. Let's just go check, he says.

A neighbor girl came to play, casually tossing her snow covered boots around the front door. She lasted about five minutes before she headed back out. Then she came back to entice Noah to go out for a snowball fight. I bet he wasn't out there for more than 30 seconds before he came in as mad as a hornet because a neighbor kid had tossed him face first into the snow. Seth is working quietly on transforming a cardboard box into a throne for his beloved penguin, Mumbles.

I layed a towel by the front door so whomever comes in and out can place their snowy boots there to melt. Right now no one is here, but I expect to have a house full of kids before lunchtime again. I am working on all the laundry I could find, which looks like about 4 loads and I have already done dish and trash and dog duty.

Thank Goodness for insomnia. I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and the challenge for the day was already posted so made a card early this morning. The paper is from Making Memories and the Motorbike Riley is from Hanna Stamps, of course.


Anonymous said...

Cute card. Put a broom by the front door and tell them to brush off their boots before entering, this does help. I have a friend who lives by a park and she said that the kids have been there all morning. If they had to work outside they wouldn't like it would they?
Nana S.

Auntie said...

I had a day off too. I couldn't leave the cul-de-sac! The plow came after 4 p.m. tonight. I don't like having to use my PTO time for days like this but glad I do have the time to take.

Thanks for having lunch with me yeterday. I do love me some BBQ.

crazed lunatic said...

hang in there, girlie! hope today is a little more relaxing, albeit short on the kidless time!