Peace and Quiet

I made this for hand cream, and I like it better than what I made previously. I was unsure about these ball jars, Classic Elite. But they decorate easily and look pretty, too. The penguins are from memory Box and the words were made with a small SnapStamp set from Karen Foster.
I also made a Hanna card for the Friday Challenge. I followed part of the instructions and made it humorous, but I used the wrong sketch. I suppose I made it 50% correct, but that score is still an F no matter how kindly your grade. Oh Well. I tried and that is good enough for me today.
I was busted out of the shower this morning after Noah jumped on Seth (while still in bed) and Seth kicked Noah out of the bed. Noah was bleeding and left a bloody trail from the bedroom to the bathroom and I have been unable to get the blood out of the carpeting completely. I did what I do best and e mailed Scott asking him to get out the steam vac this weekend and work on this problem. I suspect he'll get right to it, like when I asked him to bring in the boxes so we could get the tree put away. Yeah. It is still up.
Tonight we are going to our Ukrainian friends' home for dinner. I made chocolate cake. Something didn't work right and it is one ugly misshapen cake, but I hope I iced it decently enough. The crumbs tasted good, so as long as it tastes good, we'll all be happy. I have yelled at the kids enough today that they are playing in another room, thus giving me some peace for the moment. School starts again Monday. WooooHooo!!


Auntie said...

cute stuff
i can't wait for your kids to go back to school too
i want to have lunch with a friend!

Susan said...

You penguin jar is cute. I love the saying on your card. So funny. And it fits the image even if it doesn't fit the sketch.

crazed lunatic said...

love your stuff, girlie! :) here's hoping that your carpet gets cleaned ok!

Anonymous said...

Before you shampoo the carpet put some (preferably in spraw bottle) hydrogen peroxide on the stains then use the carpet cleaner. It will take blood out of clothing so I don't know why it won't on carpet. Good luck anyway.
Nana S.

Anonymous said...

This is a p.s.
Try blotting the stain with an old towel or cloth after spraying with peroxide.
Nana S.

Lynn said...

how can you wish for monday and back to school? I just got rid of all my company!

I use oxi clean on blood. it works like magic!

Katie said...

Ditto oxyclean but be careful to get it all up because I've heard it'll bleach a beige carpet white.

And AMEN, I cannot wait for tomorrow morning.