Knitting Day

After a busy time of working on cards for Release Week for Hanna Stamps, I turned my attention to finishing the knitting I had started. The first hat I made (with Boku brand yarn found at my local yarn store for only six bucks) was claimed by Noah. I had some trouble finishing it as I had to alter the end of the pattern I used. Since I don't read patterns well, altering them is a challenge for me. The end result made the hat a bit too pointy at the end, but once on the head, the flaw thankfully diminishes although it does not completely disapppear.

Seth wanted a blue hat and again I used Boku. The yarn has a long color streak which allows for great stripes which softly flow together. The blue has just a hint of purple stripes in it, and since seth has a purple winter coat, it matches nicely. The yarn also has some green and brown and is very lovely. It is a shame that few people chose to wear hats as they are such an easy knitting project. Seth is also sporting his new glasses, which he LOVES.

I made this desk top set for the challenge on SplitCoast today. I used the appointed colors, Not Quite Navy, Bahama Breeze and Kraft. The stamps are from Papertrey Ink: Trajan Alphabet, Boreders and Corners Monigram Edition and Birds of a Feather. The box is a template from Lauren Meador and while I did not quite get it put together perfectly, I can call this a great learning experience for the next box I assemble. This will go to my mom for her birthday in March. She will neither notice nor care that it isn't exactly right. This is one case where it's helpful that she is not a crafter.


Katie said...

Love the hats! The yarn almost looks like Noro (except without the Noro price!), good job!

Anonymous said...

Please teach me how to knit hats! I'm tired of making scarves and washclothes. Stephenie

crazed lunatic said...

very cute hats... so glad that Noah likes his! :)

Summerthyme Studio said...

Cute Boys, nice caps!

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