Back on Track

I made this for the sketch challenge today at SCS. I used a Hanna Stamps set, Pin Up Hanna and a quote from Papertrey Ink. The quote says "Life the life you have imagined." If my mom saw this stamp she would say "What life are you imagining, the life of a hooker?!" Regardless of my mother's opinions, I love this stamp set. I used some paper scraps I had around for the patterned paper.

I have been eager to try the lotion recipe that I found on SCS too. The recipe is: 8 oz Vitamin E Cream, 15 oz. Vaseline and 32 oz. baby lotion. You put it all in a metal mixing bowl and mix it up. Scoop it into jars with a metal spoon. If you don't use metal, you may make your plastic kitchen ware smell like lotion.
Although the recipe says baby lotion, any lotion will work. I used lotion from the Dollar Tree and Vit E Cream from Dollar General. The containers are from Gladware and I put the gingham ribbon around the lid with red sticky tape. I hope it holds, but I think with lotioned hands digging in and out, it may not be the best idea to put ribbon there. The jars looked plain without it though.
I also got some small Ball jars from Marsh, called Classic Elite and holding 8 ounces. They are not decorated yet, but will be cute, too, I think. I used all the non stinky ingredients I could find as I don't like smelly stuff, but it seems to have a light scent anyway, which is not at all overpowering, it is mild and pleasant.
We are going to a friends home for New Years Eve but I don't know if we'll make it to midnight as we really are not used to being night owls, having kids at home and all. Anyhow, I usualy don't like to be out with all the drunks on the road. I hope you all have a fun and safe night.


Gina said...

Very cute lotion containers. I almost put ribbon on mine but wondered how it would last.

Love your mom's comment on your card!

Anonymous said...

Love your lotion containers! I've been a crafting fool too. I made hot cocoa mix and put it in decorated baby food jars. I was thinking I should have a hot cocoa party and do this craft with the girls. Happy New Year! Stephenie

crazed lunatic said...

so very cute.... :) i bow to your crafting superiority! ;)