The Agony of Defeat

I went out today, sure to find myself some Diet Rite. Wrong! There was none available to me. Well, none at the right price at any rate. Wal Mart had no bottles. I decided I could drink from a can. But there were no cans. I searched for a two liter. They were out! What?! A run on Diet Rite? I swear to you, if I saw a Diet Rite truck on the road, I would run it over! Well, chase it down and give the driver a good talking to about his poor distribution patterns.
I had a coupon for a free large Sweet Tea at McDonalds and I broke down and used it. All the way home from my trip I saw signs that advertised Sweet Tea for $1.00 at McDonald's. Yep. 32 ounces of the lovely goodness. So, I only saved a dollar, but it salvaged my need for a cool drink in the worst way. I do love some Sweet Tea. See how important it is to me? I refer to it in capital letters! The reason I don't ever drink it or buy it? It's sweet. Yep. Chock full of bad sugar calories which quickly turn to fat and sit on my hips. And no one needs to that. But I am currently full of the yummy goodness that Sweet Tea has offered to me for the day. And I trying to be thankful for it and not bitter about the lack of Diet Rite around here.
To distract you momentarily I posted a Hanna picture. See Hanna? She's so lovely. Made with some punches and colored with copics and she is ready for a hot date. No Sweet Tea on those hips.


Auntie said...

Hanna is a lovely girl but at her age, I wonder if she has ever seen a physian about her pigenoed toes.

Hope you find that Diet Rite soon! What do you normally pay and I will be on the look out!

a very tired mommy said...

I will be looking out for it, too... I can't imagine being in that kind of need! :)

a very tired mommy said...
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