Rain and Cold

Just about the time we think we might need to look for a new car/van for me, the old one is dying faster than we can manage. We picked out something through Carmax and are awaiting its arrival in town. They say to give them 3 weeks for transport time. I am at day 12 of 21 and I want it NOW!

Scott was driving my van this weekend and was thinking that we might now have power steering pump problems. So, I am supposed to drive very little just in case the van does not make it until we can trade it in. I am staying home and living quietly.

This card is so cute in real life, but it looks crooked now that I posted it. Dagnabit! t really is a nice card. I swear to it! An umbrella may be my new transport if I need to go anywhere. Unfortunately, I don't live near a river. (The paper is from a big paper stack. Who makes those? I don't know, maybe it is DCWV.)

I brought home a couple of extra kids/friends from church on Sunday so they could spend the night and play with my kids. So, I have had kids on my computers for about 30 hours, except for the 6 in which they slept. I have not had access to the computer except sporadic access when the kids moved away from the computers for food and I moved in to check e mail. This also means they were in my craft area, so I could not craft, and could not post pictures anyway. They went home last night abot dinner time and my kids slept well last night.

Life is fairly normal here. I am getting the laundry done and avoiding the freezing cold temperatures by staying inside.


a very tired mommy said...

that paper stack is either All My Memories or My Mind's Eye. It was huge and fun and at Hobby Lobby for the low low price of 20.00 for 180 sheets. ;)

hope you get your new car soon, girlie!

Auntie said...

I don't think I can wait until the new car comes in. Couldn't he take the van so you could do some runnin' with me (HAHA)? It isn't long before I will be working again!!!!!! I had another interview today and the temp agency is working hard for me. I may have another this week.

As aways, if you need anything until the new car comes...ring me up!