To take my mind off the fact I still cannot locate Diet Rite, I post a little leftover Hanna for you. I made the microscope slide ornament before the holiday and forgot to put it away. It was hanging around in my craft area begging to stay out all year.
I used the "Tis the Season" set for the front and back, but the purse under the tree is from the first Hanna Stamps set. I trust it's easy enought o make that if you can locate the microscope slides you know how to stamp and cut your paper.

I thought that I was hot on the trail of Diet Rite today. You see, grocery stores in our area start their sales on Thursdays. Last nght when I finally got to the paper, Kroger had listed 6 packs of 7 Up bottles as being on sale at 5 for $10.00. I went straight to Kroger this morning! Right there on an end cap were all the 7 UP products: 7 Up, A & W Root Beer, Red Pop, Sunkist. But NO Diet Rite! I went to the Customer Care desk to be told that yes, they know they are out. They hope a truck will come with some tonight. What? I have not had a drink of ice cold Diet Rite from a bottle now since I ran out on Christmas Day. Two and a half weeks! I have been drinking this stuff for years and have never had this problem before. Maybe the factory in China that bottles it burned down? Maybe all the undocumented immigrants in our area have started drinking it? Maybe the Republicans are doing this just to make me unhappy? Whatever the cause, I have decided it is a conspiracy against me. It must be. There is no other logical reason I can think of.

I tried a new place for lunch today. It is called the Mudsocks Grill. I should have known to stay away by the name alone. It is a local place, and fancier than I expected. I ordered ice water and a club sandwhich. Sandwiches come with a choice of sides and I chose mac and cheese. A safe bet, right? Well, it wasn't yellow cheese, it was some sort of white cheese that tasted "different". I don't know why people mess with a good thing. Mac and Cheese is perfect, why add an oddball cheese to the mix? Maybe they wanted to do something different. They acheived that. Now someone needs to tell them that different is not always better. And I never got a refill on my ice water. I hate that.


a very tired mommy said...

you give up diet Rite like I give up drinking after two beers... ;)

sorry to hear that you're lacking in the diet Rite area. ((hugs)) I'm currently out of diet Coke at home. I am NOT, however, out of Coors Light. My family will be in trouble if I run through my Coors like I run through the diet Coke.... I better go to the store on the way home... ;)

send me positive vibes this dad is in town! lol

Auntie said...

I am looking for the Diet Rite for you too! Never fear...your friends are near....okay so I am a little crazied but you don't care do you?

BTW, hope you are happy, I FINALLY blogged a little this a.m.....