I had brunch with Tony Dungy

Well, okay, my friend Jenny called and wanted to meet for brunch today. We decided on a nice little Northside spot and who comes in but the man himself! Tony Dungy! The staff politely sat him in a room off to the side that was empty and he was with another person, believed to be a Colts player. They ate and chat and hung out, and no one bothered them as far as I could tell. So, if eating in the same restaraunt at the same time counts, I had brunch with Tony Dungy.
As I left the restaurant I noticed two nicer cars in the parking lot. One black Hummer and one black Escalade. I decided the hummer was too flashy for Coach Dungy so I think the Escalade was his vehicle.
I made a little card with Riley Moose for today. I love this new set and can't wait to have many more Riley moose stamps in my house. I used bazzill paper and some from Scrapbook Walls from the last year or so. I made a card that has a little pull up card inside it. Just something to shake up the ordinary.
We are having a cold spell here and I could do without it. Once the weather is in the 20's, it's too cold for me. I would not make a good Alaska girl at all. Well, I'd love to summer in Alaska, fish for salmon, catch crab, not break a sweat. But I would be a horrible cold depressed woman in the winter. I would wear long underwear all day and all night, too. Lately I have been sleeping in socks, which Scott thinks is crazy enough. One cold foot jab to his side while under the covers and I'd never hear another word about it, but I am not that mean.

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a very tired mommy said...

oh, we're that mean in our house.... cool to see Tony Dungy! the new stuff! :)