Another Day

Another failure to gather any Diet Rite. At this point I have passed withdrawal and have moved on to having given it up, Cold Turkey. Unwillingly. But that is what has happened. Oh well. I am enjoying Fresca from two liter bottles. seth and I share them, and man, he drinks too much pop. I gotta stay awake and watch that boy. To distract you from my problems, I post a cute Christmas Eve photo of the boys sitting cookies out for Santa. Seth made a card and we talked him into not leaving cash for the big man. He was sure Santa would like to shop at the North Pole at stores where the elves make their stuff.

And look, no Hanna today, but I almost have a complete pair of socks. I had painting class today and then a hair appointment, so maybe I'll work on the socks this week and get them finished. At least it gave me something to do during down time on vacation.
On a cute note, I got an invitation to a neighbor girls' 10th birthday party. Seth and Scott both looked ascance at me when they saw it, but it really is because I am using my van to help transport the kids back and forth to the movie theater and help the mom chaperone. It was a sweet invitation and it made my day.


Denise... said...

Beautiful socks. My 20yo DD just made me a pair for my early birthday present. Would you be able to share the recipe for your new socks? They are adorable.

Auntie said...


Would you give lessons on how to knit those socks? I want socks too!! Of course, mine will cost more because I have bigger feet but I want to learn how to make those!

a very tired mommy said...

awesome pic of the boys! :) sorry to hear of your ill-fated run on Diet Riot! :( Are you seriously giving it up or would you drink it if we could find it? ;)