Sexy Creature

Here is Hanna all decked out and wrapped up for Valentines Day with her bow on top. The bow is from the Hanna set "Perfect Package" and Hanna is from the just released today set "Celebrations." This is how I would like to look when my husband comes home, but the kids get in the way of my looking this good.
We survived going to the funeral and coming home again. Man, I really want to sleep in tonight. I can't tell you how good my own bed felt last night after several days of hotel and condo beds that were less than comfy. I ended up sleeping with a kid on the sofa bed. You know it's bad when you CHOOSE the sofa bed, since it sagged in all the right places for my body to fit into it.
I'll have more Hanna tomorrow to post!


Tex said...

Oooooh, Here's hoping that you recover quickly from the shared sofa bed, and start feeling like Hanna looks!! Va-va-voom!! I'm in awe of her topper!

Auntie said...

wow...hannah got a haircut too! does the set come with different clothes to put on her?

welcome home