I am on a Mission

Yes. A mission. To get my scrapbooking caught up. Some time ago I made some scrapbook pages and put pictures on them. I did not, however, do any journalling. None at all. So, I am now going through the pile to see where I left off. I guess I am in shape that isn't too bad, but it seems like an overwhelming task. My oldest pages are from April 2006, Spring Break in Gatlinburg.

Avctually it is a good thing that time has passed since I last wrote on the pages. I tend to write stuff like " We had a really good time at blah blah and the boys like such and such. We did this and that." Now I have to really think about what we might have done. Did theye at themselves sick at the Hershey Store at Niagara Falls? And Seth won a coloring contest at Boyd's Bear Factory and got to pick free teddy bear. I am really having to test my memory on this, and that makes my journalling either 1) Better. or 2) A Big Fat Lie. Then I have to sort out photos from the last year or so, which aren't even on pages.

I did clean off my desk and sort stuff and put things away today in order to have enough room to spread oit scrapbook pages. Cleaning counts for something, right? Not if there is no one home to see you do it.

And to answer the burning question...yes. I gave up Diet Rite. But not voluntarily. If I could find it anywhere I would chug it so fast carbonation might come out the other end. I may have hope though. A local grocery store is advertising select Pepsi products 5 for 10 dollars, in bottles. In the picture it showeed Sunkist and 7 Up, which is part of the same pop family. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow.

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