After much searching, I found only a two liter of Diet Rite. I claimed it as mine, brought it home, and am carefully allowing myself some, not drinking it straight from the botle or all at once, as I would really like.

First up today is a couple of little boxes I re purposed. I found ribbon in these little boxes in the Target Dollar Aisle. When I put the ribbon away, I realized I could do something with the cute little boxes. I put in some Nuggets, tied on ribbon, and used my new Hanna Stamps set, Sweet Celebrations to make the cute lid toppers! Voila! The perfect gift for a couple of girlfriends!

This is a photo of my poor boys. the second day we were at Williamsburg we rented costumes. You see, you rent costumes for the kids and they get jobs to do and a souvenier at the end. They have colonial style shirts on underneath their winter jackets, they have a hat, a wooden, gun, and a sack/bag they wear. they get a letter of introduction and they take it to four specific places to do their jobs.
First up was to join the militia. Only, at the artillery shed, they thought this program ended as it was, to them, a seasonal program that was over in Dec and would start again in March . Wrong! There was no militia to join, but there were new staff members going around learning about the buildings and history and such, and they were forcibly recruited to join the militia with my boys. Everyone had to learn miltary moves out in the cold and snow. As they were new employees, they grumbled not one bit, and seemed perfectly pleasant. I do think they cursed us under their breath, though.
Next up was to plant seeds in the garden. However, the garden was closed and the ground was frozen. The kids were assigned the task of getting water from the well and putting it in a bucket. Seth spilled water all over himself. Brrr.
We went to the post office next. It was closed. We moved on to the print shop, only to be told by the man working there that he had no idea what we were talking about. We went back to the visitor center to complain, but no one cared and no one in charge was there to complain to. Noah was near tears that he did not get his souveneir, whatever it was supposed to be. So, I bought a couple gift shop trinkets to pass off as souveneirs and you can bet your bippy Williamsburg will here about this one. Why? Costume rental was thirty bucks! If my tight ass comes up with thirty bucks per kid, there darn well better be a program, some souveineir, and some serious jobs for my kids to do! Can you see the snow whipping sideways while my kids toughed it out? They were troopers, I tell ya!


Africakid said...

Brr, we haven't had much snow here yet...did the costumes keep them warm??

Auntie said...

I would sure let them hear about it too...that is if I could seriously, that is a heck of a lot of money to shell out and not get what you expected in return! You go get em!