Happy Day with new Stamps

My moose look a little dark, but they are lovely and ddelightful in real life. I swear it's the truth, I am not just saying it. These stamps are so me! I have had a lot of fun with Hanna from the the Hanna Stampsline as she is not anything I have ever played around with before. She has been fun to color and decorate and show, but the new line that is coming out, Riley Moose? I really love Riley like there is no tomorrow. To me, Riley is like comfort food. He is cute and can be quick and easy and adorable all at the same time. I am loving this new line from Hanna Stamps.

Riley Moose will be released in February at CHA Anaheim. So, if you love him to, you can have him in just a few short weeks.

I made the bookmarks for my boys, they are forever looking around for bookmarks. This won't help much, as it is an ongoing problem, but maybe it will cut down on the amount of toilet paper or kleenexes that we use for bookmarks just a bit.

I banished a neighbor child from my house. I grounded her for one week. She is one of those only child spoiled brats who thinks the world revolves around her and if you call her mom about her behavior she just sort of shrugs and says "oh, that sounds like Allie!" So I decided if her parents won't discipline her, I will. She got banned for breaking things in my house. This is an ongoing problem at other neighbors' homes as well. First she broke a little clay dinosaur that seth made, then she broke a magic wand ( a decorated paint stick) Noah made. And then she broke a box Noah keeps little treasures in. She was mad and just punched a hole in it.

It was just a little plastic school box, but still, these things are important to my children. I had a nice quiet weekend without her and all the other neighbor kids in my house. Thankfully all the neighbor kids wanted to play together, but since one of them has been banned from my home, they played elsewhere. It was nice and quiet here all weekend!


Shannon said...

I love your Irish Riley's together. I made 4 Rileys this weekend and posted one on my blog last night. I couldn't get them all to load on the design team site last night - I will try again tonight!

a very tired mommy said...

love your new stuff, girlie! hope that you were able to get some scrappin' done this weekend, too! :)

And good for you to take matters into your own hands to create a bit of peace for yourself!

Auntie said...

Moose stuff is WAY TO CUTE! Love what you did with them too....