Sweet Hanna

Wowza! Here I am, back on track with daily postings. Shame that I don't have a thing to say. Maybe I can find something fun to do and let you know about it. Unfortunately, today is going to be all about restocking groceries and cleaning the house, putting away the tree.

Hanna today is made with the new set, Celebration Hanna. The paper is K and Co. and Bazzill. There is some bling and ribbon, I used a corner rounder punch and some oblong hole punch from SU that I cannot rememeber the name of. Dang, I hate when that happens.

I have a severe lack of my favorite drink in my house, Diet Rite. Or as my kids call it, Diet Riot. It has no sodium and no caffeine and is possibly just flavored water with bad stuff added, like artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings. But, it's my drink of choice, and my choice could be a lot worse. I ran out some time before Christmas and being a miser, refused to pay a high grocery store price for it. I like the Wal Mart price so much better. And I like it in a bottles, not cans. Though cans will do in a pinch. They apparently do not sell Diet Rite in the parts of the south that I have recently been to as we found it neither at the groceries nor the gas stations. So, I am off on my search.....let's pray I return victorious.

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Auntie said...

Where you victorious? Those of us with little minds and sick want to know....