All Around the Town

After creating the Riley Moose card and little bags for the SCS challenge today ( a color challenge, to use Very Vanilla, Kiwi Kiss and Baja Blue)I was all over town running errands.
Last November we painted the family room and I commented at that time that I thought we should paint some of the doors in the house. Doors like the pantry, the bathroom, places where dirty hands are evrywhere and door knobs are not always used. Scott told me what type of white paint to buy and I did. I sat it near is stuff, then I sat it in the laundry room where it would be very obvious. but after ten months I have decided that he does not understand that when I say "we should" I really mean "you should."
I broke down and started painting yesterday and today went out and bought some new door knobs at Lowe's. I know Scott will install them, but he will really think they are a waste of money since the old door knobs work just fine. The old knobs are the cheap gold round ones that came with the house. The new ones are silver, like our light fixtures, and have some flair to them. That should teach him to make me do menial labor. If I have to paint it, I' am going to make it look nice, too!
Anyone know what I can do with the old door knobs? It seems wasteful to throw them away when they really are perfectly good.
After Lowe's I went to the grocery, the dollar store, the scrapbook store, the craft store and lunch. Whew. I came home just in time to paint some more before the kids came home and touched something again. They really do seem to wash their hands enough, but I guess it is not enough if they live dirty hand prints behind them. Who gave them permission to touch stuff in my house anyway?


crazed lunatic said...

lol....sorry to hear that you had to paint....if you get a wild hair up your butt, feel free to continue the painting streak and come over and paint our yard barn... ;)

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is cute cute cute!

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Can't wait to see the New Hanna Stamps blog candy this week!


kleeyore said...

Bring on the new Rileys - I just recently discovered him and I need MORE!!!