I Feel Evil Today

This is the card I made for the SCS Sketch Challenge today. The image is from Inky Antics, I believe. I can't tell you who made the papers. It all came from the same company, which is why it works well together, but since I am all about using up scraps, there is not a name left on any of it that I could locate.

I have a home party tomorrow night. The lady from Cake and Crumbs is coming to teach many of my neighbors how to make caramel apples. In Seth's class they learn economics by earning "Funny Money" which they can use to buy things, including lunch out with your teacher. Most kids choose fast food, but we are having a fancy lunch here for Seth and a classroom friend, plus his teacher and a friend of hers. The kids are having hot dogs and mac and cheese but the adults are having home made bread, chicken tetrazini, salads...So I have busy day ahead tomorrow.

I hired a local company to come and give my house a cleaning today before the hostessing adventures of tomorrow. I was here for most of the clelaning but stepped out to grab lunch with my friend Steph. When I came home, the cleaners were gone and they had not vacuumed or dusted the family room. Huh? How do you miss that room? And they totally forgot about the basement. No dusting or vaccuuming there either.

I called to inquire about what should and should not have been part of the cleaning package and of course they should have cleaned those areas. The man on the phone offered to send someone back out to vaccuum, but I am over it. If you can't do the job right the first time don't bother returning. One of the ladies spent some time talking to me about her little kids and how one is teething and she slept through her alarm clock and she is sorry was so late getting here, blah blah blah.

You know what, I don't care how tired you are. You have a job, get up and do it. Do you think the fireman or the copier fixing man for that matter can say "sorry, I just didn't feel like getting up today.?" I did get a reduction in fee for their services and I won't be using them again. You should not give them a call either. They are called Maid Pro and are local to our area, so if you live far away and read this you have to worry about their poor performance.

The man on the phone also lacked some customer service skills, which I think are crucial to small business owners. He never apologized, he never asked what he could do to make things better, he never offered a coupon for the next service, etc...He said he and his wife are the owners and I suspect they have some learning to do. The cleaning people also parked right in front of my mailbox so I did not get mail delivery at home. Grrrr, I have to go crack open a cold Diet Rite now.


Auntie said...

Looking forward to the home party tomorrow night. I even cancelled my hair appointment so that I could come!

Sorry to hear about the cleaning woo's...that does stink.

Great news on my of the girls who need to leave (she is the one who I am in charge of...) applied for another job! She is dumb enough to that she didn't apply for a transfer, she applied for the job online! So guess who got notified that she applied....I wish and hope she gets the job tomorrow...I so want her gone and replace her with someone who wants to work and be at work....

Africakid said...

I think the adults got the better part of the deal with lunch at your house!
Strange, the cleaning story. Guess they are inexperienced, like you said...if they keep it up, maybe out of jobs?

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is SO sweet Judy. I received my Birthday card yesterday in the mail.Thanks SO much. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!


Auntie said...

Not so sure about the good news...the girl who should be leaving told Administrator that it was for a PRN see I asked the Administrator to tell her that she knew lots of people and could help her transfer if she wanted...the Admin said the look on her face was priceless so hopefully she is still going!

Sodababee (aka May) said...

Great job on the colors, very vibrant!

I love making cards and would love for you to check out my blog at and tell me what you think! Thanks so much!


sanwanyak said...

aww love the hypo..I so need more stamps and need to craft more.
thanks for sharing

Bonnie said...

Mama said there'd be days like this!
Great hippo card!

You've Got MAIDS said...

I'm sorry to hear you had poor service. It happens sometimes. Even surgeons and airline pilots make mistakes but thankfully very few; that's why they make the big bucks. The last perfect maid was Alice from the Brady Bunch, but we all know that Alice doesn't really exist.

Just curious why you are blasting MaidPro, after they discounted your service? I would imagine that they discounted their service in order to make things even with you.