I made this card for my friend Steph for her birthday, which is today. we celebrated last night with dinner and a movie at a friend's house. Our friend, also named Stephanie, has a theater room in her house. I cannot tell you how much I love to watch movies there. It is clean and quiet, and fairly free (except for the occasional cost of a movie rental) and usually child free as well. We watched the Other Boleyn Girl" and now I will need to add that book to my must read list.

That book list is not getting shorter, either. Drat. I am reading as fast as I can, too. I am still reading "The Shack" which is the book that has taken my bus stop by storm. All the other neighbors have read it, or are reading it and I am slogging my way through, even though it is a mere 250 pages. Next up is "Three Cups of Tea" about one persons work to educate women in countries where eduacation is often not easily come by for women.

We are headed out to Steph's tonight for a fire pit and S'mores party. Thent omorrow Seth is going to a friend's birthday party. I gotta make him a card to take, as the cards around here are all girly. I'll use the phrase on the card above, it says "Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you." Thankfully that is perfect for most people I know. Of course, that would be because if I don't enjoy you, you won't be getting a card from me!


crazed lunatic said...

thanks so much for celebrating my birthday with me...and thanks for all the lovely gifts! i truly am blessed to have you in my life.

Niki Estes said...

Very pretty, Judy! I love the colors!

Africakid said...

The guy who wrote "The Shack" is from Oregon, so of course everyone was reading it and talking about it when I was back there this summer.

Pretty flowers on the card, they actually look like echinachea flowers!